We’re tabulating the totals for the first round, but there’s still a chance to have your gift count. Use the link above to show pride in your school of choice and give today!


And so it begins… ACC Lutheran Tournament

What do I do?

Donate to the school of your choice and watch the standings! The school with the most points will win a plaque and plenty of bragging rights for the next year!

How is it scored?

Each week we will take the grand total of dollars raised and give ministries their percentage of the total in “points.” Each ministry keeps 100% of what they fundraise!

What is it?

A friendly fundraising challenge between ACC Lutheran Campus Ministries.

When is it?

Beginning with the first game of the ACC Tournament ’til the final buzzer of the NCAA Championship Game.

What if my school isn’t in the NCAA Tournament?

Don’t worry this has nothing to do with real life sports ball things!

Bonus Points!

Each week will have different bonus points awarded for different mini-challenges. Those will be announced the week prior.

How do you stay up to date?

Keep your eyes on the website below and check social media for weekly updates and details.

Coming Soon

ACC Lutheran Tournament

Coming March 2023